Clic Glasses are made of High-Quality Components

CliC glasses are available in various styles and sizes online. They protect the eyes well. Eyes are known as the windows to the soul. If you have attractive eyes that you want to show off use the clear lenses in an acetate ribbon frame. For protection against the sun use the colored lenses that offer 100% protection against UVA and UVB rays. To make your glasses last you longer get the scratch resistant coating.

CliCs are magnetic glasses that can simply hang around your neck when you do not need to use them. The brand was introduced in Australia and has gained popularity throughout the world due to its unique design and high-quality components. Some CliC frames have the adjustable temple length while others have an adjustable headband allowing you that perfect fit. Those who want to make an impression like to add some CliC glasses to their eyeglass collection.

After you select the frame that you like online, choose the lens color and the coatings. If you live where it snows choose the polarized lenses that cut sun glare on snow. It is important to have a high level of visibility so choose the lens type that offers optical clarity. If you drive during the day time, in summers you can be faced with the sun glare on the roads. With polarized lenses installed in your CliC glasses, you can enjoy better visual clarity while you drive. This helps one drive more safely as they can see till far without a problem. Glare is caused by horizontal light and these special lenses cut it. Choose from gray, brown, and black lenses to suit your style.

CliC Ashbury Black CL is a magnetic reading glass which is 5.5″ wide and 1.6″ high. The item is priced to sell at $39.95. You can select the power of your eyes online and it will be made and shipped within a week. At Speert, you can get free shipping on this item. If you are looking for just sunglasses, consider the CliC Ashbury Black Amber which is 5.5″ wide 1.6″ high. It comes with polarized lenses and costs only $69.95. All CliC frame are meant for US sales only.

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